Best Foot Massagers – Detailed Reviews

my-personaHello visitors, it’s me, doctor Emma M. a specialist in both orthopedics and pediatrics. This is a website for all the clients of my clinic to read useful information pre or post their recovery. For those of you that don’t know i own a orthopedic and pediatric clinic for all kind of diagnoses, treats, surgeons or risk at your leg. Leg surgeons can have really long period of recovery and massages on the operated spot can be from essential importance to speed up the cure. One of the most used questions in the clinic is what kind of boot reflexology machine and homedics foot spa the clients should go with, so i would start this website by reviewing all the leg massager machines which will let everyone have the best possible option. If you still have any doubts you can use the contact us page form to get in touch with me or you are local clinic client you can visit or call us through our working hours.

Review of the top 10 best foot circulation machines

Here is a review of the most famous foot massage products which can be found and bought online or any local shop near you.

Picture Overview Rating Action
kendal-foot-massager 3 different modes to target various areas of your feet for diverse treatment which cures and relaxes different areas of the body. 4.3
teraflow-massaging-machine Old styled but high effective tool that offers pleasurable massage treatment without the need of electricity 4.6
medimassager-2014-foot-massager-machine This is the most powerful foot massaging machine available with 11 speed options available. Whenever you have soft and sensitive feed and need a gentle massage or you need simulation of powerful massage therapist hands, this is the real deal tool! 4.9
homedics-foot-massager-machine 6 rotational heads which offer incredible 18 massage nodes for massaging. Heat option included for maximum satisfaction level! 4.0
Great shiatsu massage tool with heat included. Contains 3 auto pre-programmed type of programs as well as mode for intensive and soft massage 4.4
Multi-functional massaging device with shiatsu, keading and new designed air pressure massage feature. On top of the a heat option presented for maximum relaxation. 3.8
Great two speed foot rubbing machine for higher circulation in your legs. Recommended for patients who are suffering from neuropathy and diabetes. 4.8
Multilevel rubbing and vibrating massager, which can change intensity by customer needs. 4.1
Contains two speed level modes and 18 rotational nodes. Heat is an extra option which can be used to maximize the affectivity. 4.7
Electricity free boot massager tool requires moves made in order to massage the leg. Constructed by high-quality materials and very easy to wash. 3.9

Finding the Right Foot Massager Machine for You

If you come to think about it, there is really no part of your body that takes more abuse than your feet. Because of the constant standing, walking, and maybe even exercising that you do every day, you put an enormous amount of pressure and force on your feet every day. This can lead to a great deal of soreness over the years, maybe even a severe injury.

The problem that many people face with their feet is that they do very little to care for them. They don’t really do the little things that can make a big difference in promoting better health for their feet, and this compounds the problem that they’re facing.

Simple Things Can Make a Big Difference

There are many things that you can do to make your feet a lot healthier. It doesn’t take some kind of grand therapeutic treatment plan to improve your feet and ensure that they are in better shape for years to come. It is the small thing that can make the most significant difference, starting with getting yourself a foot massager.

Maybe you haven’t considered this before, but choosing a foot massager can make a significant difference in improving the health of your feet. Not only does it remove soreness and improve circulation, but it can actually help to improve skin texture and health, as well as remove dead skin.

What is the history of Massages?

massaging-historyIt is not well known whenever and where massage therapy was first introduced, however, it is proven with fact that it was widely used in Greece, Rome, Japan, India as well as ancient Egypt and China. Spa and massages have been used by all the leading emperors, kings and leaders as a form of relaxation. Almost every one of us has heard about the relaxing spa treatment and massages of Cleopatra, the last leading pharaoh of old Egypt.

What is massage treatment and why you should have one?

foot-pressing-therapyMassage Therapy can be considered any moves, presses, vibrations or motions that are made on the body in form of pulses that aim to relax the part of the body where it is applied. Massages are mostly done with hands, fingers, knees, elbows and feet from the human body or any mechanical elements that produce vibrations and pulses like the foot massage machines or feet massage machines – the one that will be described at our website. Stressful and jobs that require high physical activity require at least one massage treatment per week, but as we know we live a fast lifestyle and sometimes visiting pedicures and manicures is not on our schedule. As a result of this there are massage chairs and foot spa machines produced in order to get the necessary massage treatment at home which watching TV and resting and at the same time avoid the enormous expensive massage therapists which can cost you even $xxxx per treatment.

What are the uses and benefits of circulation massage therapy and foot massage machines?

When it comes to massage therapies the first that crosses our mind is that they are used as a relief of the pain in muscles we feel on the body, however, recent study researches prove that massage can also cure physical illness conditions like stress, anxiety and depression. In fact, relaxing massage is a crucial thing in order to avoid stressful jobs which make your life bad. Massage therapies can also be sensual and even increase your libido, especially the erotic massage, however, we will not further discuss it here and if you want to know more about it you should refer to this Wikipedia article.

What we said above was about massages generally, but when it comes to feet massage and foot massage machines, they are more like sports related which means relaxing after sports matches or hardcore or intensive training sessions for a type of sports that require high amount of running activity e.g. football, basketball or tennis. They can also be used for relaxing your legs after finishing your job sessions that require physical activity like walking and standing. If you want to relax your whole body instead we recommend you getting a massage chair which affects the whole body.

Summarized in headings, here are the main benefits of foot and leg massaging:

  • Improved sex life and increased libido
  • Better circulation of the blood in your system
  • Prevention of foot, ankle and other leg injuries
  • Stress, anxiety and depression relief
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • A headache and migraines reduction and cure
  • Relaxation and increment of the general feeling of happiness

For more information check the infographic presented bellow


What are the side effects or risks of massage therapy and using foot massage machines?

The common side effect(if we categorize it as such) of massage therapy and feet massage is little discomfort caused by the soreness of the parts of the body where it was done. Recent studies found that almost 1 out of 10 people receiving massage treatment feels soft pain in parts of the body where the message was applied.

Injury cases caused by massage are extremely low and insignificant. However, there is also a risk of restoration of an old injury or chronic pain while doing a massage and this is why we do not recommend touching parts of the body where injury recently occurred, especially if you are not a specialist. These types of injuries are common on the foot and ankle so do not use foot massage machine if you recently had one, you are in an early phase of recovering or just recovered from it.

Other problems that can occur while taking massage sessions or using the leg massage machines are oil and lotion poisoning. You need to make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to the lotions and type of oils used in the massage. This can cause a skin inflammation and produce other skin problems.

Maintaining Your Foot Massager

Before you leave this article, there is one other area that we would like to cover. Like any appliance you buy, you need to ensure that you properly maintain the massager so that it remains it’s most efficient.

Before using your foot massager, read through the guide to see if there are any steps you should take before its first use. This can include such things as removing the tape, plastic strips, or doing a thorough wipe down of the massager so that no residue or other objects can cause the massager to be broken.

You should also clean it with a dry towel after each use, to ensure that you remove any dead skin or other debris that could’ve gotten on the massager. It is perfectly acceptable to use a small amount of rubbing alcohol as well to clean the massager.

Make sure that you store it in a location where it will not be damaged. Don’t place objects on top of the massager, and it is a good idea to store it in the box each time after you are finished. This will make sure that there is the greatest possibility of preventing it from being damaged.


To make sure we only offer you the best foot massager, we accounted for a lot of machines over the net. More than that, we took our sweet time to review each one of them and presented them as you see. Of all the massage machines we have come across with, Beurer FM60 is the only one that struck us as the best. It is an affordable and easy to use product which will last for years. It has the highest rating on Amazon as well. It stands out from the crowd with a staggering 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foot Massagers

How to use a foot massager?

-It really depends on the model, but most likely you will just have to place your feet on(in) the machine, set the level of intensity and turn the power button on. An extra tip from us would be turning on some classic relaxing music.

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Can diabetics use foot massager?

-You must NOT use foot massager if the model you are using has a heating option. Diabetes sufferers have reduced temperature sense and may easily get burnt. Foot circulation machines can be used, but still, you HAVE to consult your doctor before using it.

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Can I use foot massager while pregnant?

-There are different opinions on this topic most suggesting that you are fine taking a foot massage as long as the massage is not applied near the stomach. We advise you to contact your doctor before buying or using a machine.

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Where to buy a foot massager?

– There are links that lead to Amazon marketplace on our rating chart and we suggest getting them from there. Other than that you can also look at eBay or Walmart.

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