Reflexology Massage – Treat Your Hands And Feet By Pressing Acu Points

As an alternative of medication, many people choose massage to get relief. However, massage therapy is done by following some principles. Thus the extent of results may also vary with these massage type. One of the ancient massaging art is reflexology. There is a belief that our body has channels through which energy may run. In the ancient age, therapists in China had a notion that various points on our body may be easily treated with the related reflex points. If those points are massaged, you will have an excellent result of stimulating nervous systems.

Benefits obtained from reflexology

As a reflexology massage therapist is not your physician, he may not give you a medical recommendation. However, he will ask you about your complete medical track in the past. Most of the people, who have experienced reflexology, get an improved health. Reflexology massage is intended not only for treating your feet but also for manipulating your hand. Before discussing hand and foot reflexology, it is best to aware of the results of this massage session:

  • The massage has provided relief to lots of clients from their extreme stress
  • It can also reduce your headaches
  • Digestive issues including constipation may be treated by undergoing reflexology
  • Arthritic problems and the conditions, related to muscle knots can be alleviated
  • People with insomnia have also got solutions from the massage
  • Makes a balance of hormones
  • Cures from sport-related injuries

Duration of reflexology massage and techniques used by masseuse

A good massage with reflexology technique may be continued for about forty-five to sixty minutes. Throughout this period, the clients stretch out on a bed or sofa. The therapists grab their feet to start the soothing and comforting massage. During the initial stage, all the organs are stimulated, and later, the therapists help in reducing stress and tension. In some cases, the massage session starts with slow movements, and then, it becomes faster for warming up the feet of massage recipient. Pressure is applied on toes and heels. To make the movements more flexible, the practitioners also use some oil.

Foot reflexology – How treatment is done by the therapist?

Foot reflexology indicates the act of massaging your foot, and it stimulates acupoints, present on your feet. According to the theory of reflexology, these points have a relation to each body organ. With the stimulation of these points by using pressure, relevant organs may also have an improved function.

The practitioners for reflexology carry out the process of massaging by dealing with the reflex point, found on your foot. Some therapists think that it is better to improve the experience of reflexology by combining other treatments, like aromatherapy. Sometimes, they also play pleasing music in a good setting.

Reflex points – Where do they lie on your feet?

reflex points on foot

Here is the full list of positions:

  • End points of toes have relation to your head
  • Ball on your foot is also association with your heart and chest
  • Reflex points at kidney and pancreas are also available on foot arch
  • Some spots for reflexology are also present on your intestine

Foot reflexology differs from foot massage

Some people become confused with the concepts of foot massage and reflexology on foot. Reflexology and foot – both are related to the technique of touching skin. However, approaches, made for these two options are not same. While the therapists massage on your feet, he manipulates your ligaments, muscles or tissues in order to decrease the level of discomfort and pain. On the contrary, foot reflexology mainly emphasizes acu points, which are on your feet. With reflexology, you may have an improvement of many biological systems. It not only relieves you from aching in foot but also offers many other outcomes:

  • Helps in circulating lymph and blood
  • Speed up waste excretion
  • Boosts up the flexibility of joints
  • Increases strength of muscles
  • Support relaxation
  • Controls your fatigue

Reflexology massage for your hands

reflexology points on hand

Our hands may be considered as very active organs because almost all the daily activities are done with the use of these parts. Holding a mobile phone, driving a vehicle or typing on your computer keyboard – everything may be accomplished only by moving our hands. If we have a sedentary way of life, we may turn out to be unfit. Besides, our body can also become vulnerable to lots of diseases. However, the best fact for you is that with hand reflexology, you may not only reduce aching in hand but also lead to appropriate performance of different organs. In other words, hand reflexology helps you in having better physical condition. During this session, the practitioners apply their wooden tools, thumb and fingers in order to get the reflex points stimulated. No costly oil is needed to do this massage.

A general view on reflexology

Some research-based study has been done to make out the value of hand reflexology massage. It proves that the massage provides almost the same results, which you receive after meditation. So, reflexology may enable you in reducing stress. In addition to it, this therapy may also be highly beneficial to your heart. This may also be applicable to heal ailments, like headaches, asthma and constipation

Reflexology boosts the energy flow, digestive mechanism and circulation of blood. After one session of reflexology, you may feel much thirsty because the toxins in your body are removed. However, you must not take alcoholic drink after or before twenty-four hours of the session. Besides, you need to avoid reflexology, while you’re fitted with a pacemaker or when you are diabetic patient.

Thus, reflexology massage is recommendable as a therapy; however, it mustn’t replace your medical action. Though the effects differ from one person to another, its comforting action usually makes you feel relaxed.

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