Aromatherapy Massage – A Treatment By Applying The Power Of Oils

When you feel much stressed or become overtired, you perhaps need a good massage therapy. However, often, you do not like to experience the strenuous session of kneading muscles. In this case, the best alternative for you is aromatherapy massage. The distinctive feature of this massage is that you do not need to have any pressure in order to heal the affected spots or stiffened muscles. Rather, aromatherapy involves the application of restorative features of some essential oils, which cure your mind and body.

a pack of essential oils

Completely natural oils are used in this therapy, and there is a high amount of herbal essence in these substances. Such oils have been made by having the extracts of fruits, blossoms, bark, seeds and leaves of specific plants. Almost four hundred essential oils are available; however, just forty of these oils are usable in the field of aromatherapy. Lots of experts believe that this therapy is powerful to boost up the health and to relieve your strain. In some massage sessions that involve aromatherapy carrier oil is blended with this essential oil. For example, oil of grapeseed, apricot and almond may be combined along with your chosen essential oil. Most of these oils can give a relief from your painful muscles.

You just need to specify your ailment to the therapist, who may decide on the right essential oil. You will have a remedy from any disorder, like hypertension, depression, asthma and congestion.

Now, let’s thoroughly discuss what aromatherapy massage can give you:

  • Remove all stresses from your mind – Massage therapy is always recognized as a potent tool for relaxation. By adding some aromatic oils, like chamomile and lavender, a massage session may ease your anxiety and stress. All your nerves can also get relaxed. Many fragrant oils are also used for cheering up your mind. Scent of citrus fruits and any vibrant or light aroma may decrease your depression symptoms and negative sensations.
  • Pain is easily manageable with aromatherapy – Different massaging practices are considered along with special aromas of peppermint or eucalyptus. This may be the best option for decreasing the pains or aches of any part of a body. Whether the pain occurs because of menstruation, injury or stiff muscles, you may try to have the help of aromatherapy experts.
  • Reduce hypertension with aromatherapy – If you have problems of hypertension, then the pressure of blood vessels can get increased. Aromatherapy allows your pressure to get dropped to a specific level. You may feel healthy with consistent blood pressure.
  • Cleanse your blood by eliminating all toxins – Essential oils for aromatherapy are used on your skin so that they may reach your blood. They help in the purification of blood as well as accelerate digestion process.
  • Apply aromatic oil in a safe way – A qualified massage therapy specialist must have a look at the past condition of your health before beginning your massage. Aromatherapy may not be suitable for those, who have some specific diseases.

Sometimes, essential oils lead to an allergic reaction on your skin. These oils may be soaked completely by your skin. Thus, it is essential to stay away from overuse of these oils. While you have much sensitiveness to the aroma or perfume, the therapy is not perfect for your body. Pregnant moms must also speak to their physicians before accessing an aromatherapy massage session. Massaging process must not be directly carried out on your bruises, rashes, tumors, fractures and inflammation.

Like other body massage sessions, some steps are covered in aromatherapy in order to offer you remedial benefits.  A complete massage with aromatherapy may take about one and half hours. While your scalp and face are included, you need about ninety minutes. A massage on some parts of your body requires almost thirty to forty-five minutes. No matter what massaging technique has been used, the therapist is to meet every client’s needs.

Here are the main steps for the process of aromatherapy:

  1. Understanding your purpose for choosing the massage – You may have a definite reason to do this massage. That is why an expert wants to detect your health issues at first, and then he tailors the session, accordingly.
  2. Choosing suitable oil – As per your needs and possibility to have an allergy, the therapist chooses the best essential oil. For instance, when you have flu or cold, the use eucalyptus oil may be helpful to relieve these symptoms. Similarly, marjoram also offers you comfort, while your shoulder has become stiff.
  3. Preparing the essential items – Tissues and towels are some of the major materials, needed for the massage session. A soothing music is also played in order to make the atmosphere more relaxing.
  4. Technique of massaging you – Most knowledgeable aromatherapists may have expertise to apply four to five techniques for aromatherapy massage, which is intended to cure different conditions.

Care for yourself when aromatherapy is done

Though your therapists may give you recommendations before or after your massage, it is better to be aware of a few tips-

  • You should not take a bath almost eight hours after completing the session. Aromatic oils require much time in order to reach the layers of your skin or to get to your blood.
  • Avoid eating heavy food as your body may need significant time in order to remove toxins.
  • Never stay in direct contact with the sun rays
  • Never drink alcohol or smoke cigarette and any other product for twenty-four hours so that the therapy may detoxify your body.
  • Aromatherapy massage session may make you feel little tired. Enough rest is essential after this session

Thus, visit the clinic of a massage therapist to have a wonderful aromatherapy massage. Rejuvenate your body and alleviate pain with few aromatherapy sessions.

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