Hot Stone Massage – Experience The Magical Power Of Stones To Manipulate Your Body

On a chilly day, you always look for something that may give you a warm feeling. It is true that the heater in your room allows you to have such sensation. But, when you want little different experience, nothing seems to be better than enjoying a session of hot stone massage. Though all these massage sessions are not equal, you may treat your muscles with these massage stones. Here, the proficient therapists not only make use of their hands but also place smooth textured, heated massage stones on your body. It’s now easy to have deep relaxing feeling on your stiff muscles.

hot stone massage treatment

Hot stone massage – Use of this stone in the past

Though it has become a trend to receive stone massage, very few people know about its origin. Native Americans used to heat up some stones in order to cure their muscle pain. However, in the present age, this technique has been slightly twisted by one of the residents of Arizona.

Therapists, who offer this massage, need to undergo a training process. Most of the spa centers provide such hot stone massage in their own way. But, in every case, sensitivity and skill of therapist may be essential.

In short, body massage with hot stone involves a technique, where therapists hold heated massage stones while dealing with you and rubbing your body. These special stones may be heated by placing them in warm water or in a roaster.

But, do not allow any inexperienced person to manipulate you with hot stones. If you do so, you may have the risk of burning or wrongly placed stones on the exposed skin. One, who is providing you with this massage, must know some safety rules in keeping you away from injury during the massage.

Any risk from hot stones?

Usually, it is seen that burns due to hot stone body massage therapy occur while the practitioner:

  • Leave their stones especially in static spot
  • Put stones beneath your body and keep them in the same way for long hours
  • Suggest hot stone treatment for clients, who are below eighteen years of age (kids have very thin skin and do not possess adipose tissue)
  • Conduct the therapy on the body of very aged persons (above seventy years)

How the therapists start hot stone massage

Prior to your arrival at the spa or clinic, the therapist cleanses all stones, which are then heated with water (one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty degrees). You need to keep your face at the downward position as the expert has to work on the back portion of your body.

He may allow your body to be warmed up with a conventional Swedish massage, and then he starts massaging you. While the massage stones become cool, he goes for another approach. The practitioner applies multiple stones that are of different sizes and shapes. Big stones are for extensive muscles, while small-sized ones are intended for smaller body muscles. Your massage therapist then leaves those stones on some points of your spinal column, palms and belly and also between toes. It helps in improving the energy level significantly.

Some therapists also think that a stone itself has charge of energy, and it should be sustained by positioning it in twisting way. You may inform your therapist, if you feel excessively warm with the stones. With your request, the therapist may also stop applying it. While you do not like stones but love heat then warm towel can be used.

Choosing the right massage stones

If you buy stones for massage, then you have to consider some factors-

  • Shape of the stones – Remember that the stone profile should fulfill your requirements. While positioning the stones beneath your body or at the top, they must fit the contour of your body. Flat edges along with a level dimension allow the stones to stay intact in their place.
  • Texture of stone – Though polished and smooth stones may be excellent for your hot stone body massage, they are not acceptable in all cases. Stones that have little texture may be helpful to stimulate lymphatic solution at the time of massaging.
  • Sizes of stones – Stones of various sizes have diverse weight, heat maintenance capacity and grip. As bigger stones usually have all these properties in significant level, you may look for largest ones to fit them safely at the right place.

A stone is permeable and thus, you have to wash it by using some brush. Then, dry it with a towel; however, do not store it in wet condition. The professionals always clean the stones after applying them on a particular client.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Sessions

Now, let’s discuss what remedial benefits you get from the hot stone massage.

  1. Assists in relieving tension of muscle – Heat is effective to alleviate muscle pain and it allows an improvement of the flow of blood to an injured portion. It also enhances the flexibility of muscles. After diagnosing your symptoms, your therapist may alternatively apply cold and hot stones.
  2. Symptoms that are cured with massage – Fibromyalgia, which causes pain, may be treated well with hot stone massage. People, who have fibromyalgia, usually, need massage for half an hour. They can sleep better and longer after receiving the massage.
  3. Improve the immunity level – Massage allows you to make your immunity much stronger. A massage therapy session gives you positive effect on this immunity. In a research, blood specimen, tested after and before the massage, revealed a difference in the level of arginine-vasopressin, which helps in maintaining your pressure.
  4. Decreases the risk of cancer – Many researchers have observed that body manipulation leads to the reduction of cancer symptoms.

Is hot stone massage good for all?

This massage may not be right while you’ve diabetes and heart disorder. You can also avoid it if you are taking any medication at present (drugs which thins blood). Moreover, pregnant women may keep away from this massage.

Thus, if you are the right candidate for hot stone massage, then contact your therapist. The combination touch of stones and expertise of therapist will give you a better result.

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