The Importance of Beauty Product Reviews

jimmy/ March 20, 2021/ Skincare

The beauty industry has been on trend especially after social media platforms were developed.

Most top-rated models or self-made models from Instagram/ influencers have signed deals with big and upcoming makeup industries to promote and market their beauty products using social media platforms.

With some of them having their beauty product line. For this reason, it might be difficult to make a choice on what brand to buy from. 

This piece is going to focus majorly on why we need to go through beauty product reviews and finally we shall answer everyone’s’ most asked question, are makeup reviews truthful?

Choosing quality over famous brand names. 

Have you ever bought something just because it is accepted in the public’s eye? Well, I have.

While it is recommended to buy products that have gathered a lot of positive feedback from people, we should not be closed off about new upcoming brands.

Some of the famous brands we already know of use cheap formulas to make their products, and because this is not something that a regular customer can tell, they end up making good sales at the expense of the customer.

Some new beauty lines coming in the market might just be the best there is out there.

They use perfect formulas and ingredients and sell them at a reasonable price to get their share of profits and at the same time saving their customers money.

Reading reviews will go a long way to help you find a product that best suits your skin at an affordable price.

The reviews should be from people who have tested and compared the new products to the popular ones and in their opinion, the new outweighs the famous.

Promoters versus true consumers’ opinion.

As mentioned, product promotion and marketing is done online. For beauty products, companies do pay social media influencers to promote their products to the large audience they gather on their platforms.

If you make a living off something you are paid to promote, chances are high that it might not be an honest review after all.

Take an example of an Instagram model with naturally clear flawless skin being paid to credit the flawlessness of the skin to a company no one has heard of before.

This questions the credibility of such “reviewers.”

One place to get honest reviews is by visiting a review website and confirm how the product works with customers through the feedback left. 

Determine skin reaction/aftermath

Another important reason to check reviews is to get prior knowledge on how a product can potentially react with your skin.

For the many reasons why we wear makeup, the last thing we want is to damage our skin in the process of it all.

It is therefore of foremost relevance to understanding your skin type and what product and perfectly suits your skin type.

Any hidden formula or chemicals in makeup that can damage your skin can cause irritation, rash, and maybe permanent skin damage.

By reading beauty product reviews from customers with the same type of skin as you, you will get to know whether or not the product can affect you.

Reviews help you make a comparative selection

I understand that it might be hard to choose the right makeup product.

We have all been there before, where we can’t seem to choose between two products but cannot afford to get both of them.

Having scaled down to a few potential brands to buy from but have not yet settled for one, reading reviews will help you eliminate further.

This is where you need to go and check what product seems to be best recommended over the other.

In doing this, you will check on such feedback as to how the product reacts to the skin, if it fits the price tag, and has the company gained more positive feedback and recommendation over the other?

These reviews will save you from decision fatigue, especially now that many cosmetic companies are flooding the market arena.


Different brands have different formulas for different types of skins.

Understanding the best way to go about buying beauty products will save you time and money. Do this by taking a quick scan through reviews before any purchase.

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You may read through reviews about Give Me Cosmetics before making any purchase from them.

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