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Toward A New Definition Of Mental Health

jimmy/ August 29, 2019/ mental health

In an article written by Lisa Godman and her colleagues, they reference Smith’s research on the prevance of PTSD amongst homeless people. His research stated “ Homelessness itself is a threat issue for emotional disorder”. What this quote is saying is that being homeless itself can cause emotional dysfunction. Without in search of other causes for emotional disorder and really trying on the easy proven fact that an individual is homeless can cause emotional disorder. Godman’s article said “Recently, Smith investigated the prevalence of PTSD amongst a sample of 300 randomly chosen homeless single women and moms in St. Louis, Mis- souri.

The SMHWB survey confirmed households that had low socioeconomic standing and high dysfunctional patterns had a higher proportional threat for mental health problems. A 2010 survey relating to adults with psychosis revealed 5 individuals per 1000 in the inhabitants seeks professional mental health services for psychotic disorders and … Read More