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Are We Supposed To Be Vegetarian?

jimmy/ July 15, 2020/ vegetarian

Also, industrial farms make animals endure psychologically by crowding them and by depriving them of interesting environments. Various poultry trade sources acknowledge that this selective breeding has led to a major percentage of meat birds strolling with painful impairments (see the in depth citations in HSUS 2009). It may, as a substitute, be that it is wrong as a result of impious (Scruton 2004) or cruel (Hursthouse 2011). Causing animals pain while elevating them for food when there are readily available alternate options is incorrect. Animals in the wild are subjected to larger predator- and climate-related risks and have no health care.

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Divine command ethicists agree that it is wrong to do something forbidden by God. Perhaps industrial farming, a minimum of, can be (Halteman 2010; Scully 2002). Lipscomb appears to endorse that freerange farming … Read More