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Better Health Through Better Philanthropy

jimmy/ November 16, 2020/ better health

For more information on how one can offer a Better Choices, Better Health® program, including implementation prices, please contact Based on the success of two nationwide pilots, businesses across the country are providing BCBH and BCBH-Diabetes workshops as an ongoing service to their respective populations by becoming a member of a nationwide shared workshop implementation. Various health plans, providers, and employers have also joined and are seeing the value of the shared implementation. Nearly half of all adults reside with one or more persistent medical conditions corresponding to arthritis, asthma, diabetes, lung illness, coronary heart illness, stroke, and osteoporosis, but tens of millions struggle to find ways to manage their condition. Through group funding, engagement and good stewardship, we foster sustainable solutions to some of today’s toughest health challenges.

This submit lists the professionals and cons of going low-tech versus excessive-tech with personal health data. I additionally cowl three key … Read More