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Appendix 5 Usda Food Patterns

jimmy/ February 4, 2020/ health vegan

The movie tells us that a plant-based diet can deal with lupus, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis. (I’d love to see precise proof for any of this.) Then we’re shown actual-life examples of astonishing recoveries from sickness. One girl has been identified with bilateral osteoarthritis and is scheduled for 2 hip replacements as a result of, as she describes it, bone is rubbing on bone. This means that the cartilage that cushions the hip joints has worn away. You can’t simply grow again a bunch of cartilage in two weeks by changing your food regimen.

Nor is there evidence that a wholesome vegan food regimen will reverse thyroid cancer as is claimed in the film. And I hope that the lady who stopped taking antidepressants in just two weeks did so under strict medical supervision. That is not enough time to taper off of those medication (which type of makes me … Read More