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Behavioral Health Services

jimmy/ December 29, 2019/ mental health

One way of grouping these totally different sources of ache was offered by Shneidman, who stated that psychological ache is brought on by annoyed psychological needs. For example, the need for love, autonomy, affiliation, and achievement, or the necessity to avoid harm, shame, and embarrassment.

cerebrumThe upper part of the brain that consists of the left and right hemispheres. acuteRefers to a disease or situation that has a rapid onset, marked intensity, and short length.

magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)An imaging technique that uses magnetic fields to take pictures of the structure of the mind. hypothalamusThe part of the brain that controls a number of physique features, including feeding, breathing, drinking, temperature, and the release of many hormones.

ventricleOne of the cavities or spaces in the mind which might be full of cerebrospinal fluid. single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)A brain imaging course of that measures the emission of single photons … Read More