Healthy Living with Organic Food

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Healthy Living with Organic Food. Eating organic food is considered as one of the supports for a healthy lifestyle today. Organic food is considered healthier than non-organic food because it is clean, environmentally friendly, and free from pesticides. That is, even though the price is relatively more expensive, organic food has its own devotees.

Understanding Organic Food

Healthy Living with Organic Food. Organic food can be referred to as food material, derived from animal and vegetable origin, which is not produced by conventional methods in agriculture/plantation/livestock in general. Organic food is food that is made from plants that are cultivated free of pesticides, free of chemical fertilizers, and genetic engineering. Today, organic food is not limited to plants. Animals that are raised based on organic principles, such as chickens that are free from injections of growth-regulating hormones, can also be called organic products. Organic food is much healthier to consume than ordinary food because it does not contain harmful chemical drugs contained in it. Unfortunately, the price of organic food in Indonesia is still very high.

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If you are a fan of meat, then you should try and compare the taste with regular beef. The price of organic meat is certainly much more expensive than non-organic meat because the maintenance of the organic beef diet also requires a lot of money.


Milk is recommended to be consumed every day, therefore it doesn’t hurt to replace your current milk products with organic milk. The natural diet of cows can improve the quality of milk. The Omega 3 content of organic milk also increases by 68% more than regular milk.


If milk is obtained from cows by maintaining an organic diet, then eggs are also produced from organic chickens. Whereas ordinary or non-organic chickens are injected with growth-regulating hormones, so it is highly discouraged if you continue to consume eggs from these chickens continuously.


The best organic fruits are apples, strawberries, and peaches. So, there is nothing wrong if you are now spending a little deeper on organic healthy food rather than paying for medical expenses due to illness caused by non-organic food.


Peppers, celery, lettuce, spinach, and potatoes are the vegetables most frequently contaminated with pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But with the organic growing method, you don’t have to worry about consuming the vegetables mentioned above.


Organic seafood products are still rare. However, organic shrimp is the first recommendation for those of you who want to enjoy organic seafood products.


Recent research has shown that wine derived from non-organic grapes exposes drinkers to a severe hangover. If you are a wine or wine lover, there is nothing wrong with switching to healthier organic products.


Organic coffee that is environmentally friendly produces a purer and more delicious taste than regular coffee. Apart from the 8 organic processed products above, you still have a variety of other organic food choices. We recommend that you adjust your budget and your daily needs to stay healthy with organic products without always being wasteful.

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