Food to Help Diet Program

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Food to Help Diet Program. Diet is synonymous with weight loss. Although not infrequently many also go on a diet to gain weight. Whatever the goals and motivations, the most important diet must be done in the right way and not torture yourself. Living a healthy diet requires dietary arrangements and of course the right food so that the results are in line with expectations. Therefore, here are some foods for the diet that not only help you lose weight. More than that, the nutritional content in it is also able to provide various positive effects on the overall health of the body.

Food to Help Diet Program. Broadly speaking, these are the types of foods that are good for the diet:
– Nuts
– Fruits
– Vegetables
– Drinks


These nuts contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which of course are very, very reliable as food for diets as well as being able to help lower cholesterol.

Red Beans

These beans, which are usually processed into red bean ice, have benefits for weight loss. Red beans are also good for maintaining heart health because in 100 grams there are at least 1406 milligrams of potassium. Also, diabetics can use it to help control blood sugar levels.

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This apple is rich in pectin, which naturally slows digestion and increases satiety. No wonder apples have been widely used as food for diets. Apples are also a good source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber. When consuming it, make sure not to peel the skin because the skin contains various nutrients that will provide maximum effect for body health. However, don’t forget to wash it first before enjoying it.


Avocado is a superfood food source. One of them is to reduce excess body weight. To enjoy the fruit, it is quite easy to simply scoop out the pulp or it can also be processed into avocado ice which can be combined with red beans or almonds.


Broccoli is not only high in calcium and important compounds to fight cancer. Vegetables that are included in the cabbage family are also a good source of fiber, even more than the fiber contained in whole wheat bread. Vitamin C contained in it is also classified as very high, more than oranges which contain vitamin C.


Most people think of skipping potatoes as food for the diet because they judge their carbohydrate content quite high. However, not many know, if potatoes are a source of resistant starch which is very effective in helping the body burn fat. The fiber content is also able to provide a feeling of fullness and maintain a healthy digestive system.


Apart from food, of course, choosing healthy drinks is also needed to support the diet program.
The caffeine content in coffee is proven to speed up the body’s metabolism. Just one cup can help your body burn 26 calories. However, for diet drinks, you should not add any ingredients to coffee such as sugar, whipped cream, or sweetened condensed milk. Just enjoy coffee with its original bitter and slightly sour taste.

Green Tea

Drinks, which are known for being high in antioxidants, must be included in the diet because green tea contains catechins and tannins which can help increase the body’s ability to burn fat while suppressing stress hormones that cause obesity. To increase its ability to lose weight, when brewed it can be combined with lime or lemon juice.

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