Overview of the 5 best foot spa massage equipment you can have at home

Home foot spa treatment can be great alternative pedicure if you lack of free time or you just can not afford the expensive pedicure treatments into your area. If you have not yet decided of which foot spa machine you should go with or whatever you should buy one or not we will use this page to review the most popular and useful products in the category. First of all you should be aware that foot spa therapy is different from foot massager machines in a way that it requires water to operate and therefore should be used in a way of stacking your legs into the water. Long story short if you are wondering with what kind of feet spa item you should go with, here is a quick table that shows the functionalities of most popular 5 foot warm bath machines.

Foot Spa Reviews

conair-foot-spa all-in-one-foot-spa orbeez-foot-spa dr.scoll's-foot-spa
Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat All in one foot spa bath massager Orbeez - Ultimate Soothing Spa Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa
Heat: only maintains sipped water temp. Heat: powerful heating option Heat: only maintains sipped water temp. Heat: only maintains sipped water temp.
Features: vibrations and 1 extra massage attachment Features: oxygen massage and vibration massage options Features: contains 2000 Orbeez and built-in stainer Features: 5 pieces of pedicure additions as well as bubbles option

Conair Foot Spa with Vibration and Heat Review

conair-foot-spa-massage-therapy-toolDeveloped and produced in USA Conair’s Foot Spa with vibrations and heat foot massager machine is one of the top selling home spa products when it comes to home manicure and pedicure. The first time which crosses my mind in this review is the price of the product. This product can be bought on the internet for as low as 25$ including a shipping to your home. Seriously, $25 is really low compared to the relaxation and pleasure this foot spa can offer to his customer.

Design of the product

The design of the product is nice, it comes with enough space for water to cover whole foot no matter the size of it. The combination of colors is soft-purple with white and looks nice however some men may disagree, but I am sure all the girls are going to like it.


When it comes to functionalities, as the look and the price already suggest this is not a kind of tool that offers all kind of massages and stuff like that. Because of it, it is not filled with too much jets and buttons so the only plugs you have are the heat and the vibration options. The vibrations it makes are not the strongest one, however you will definitely feel them and in my experience they are cool and satisfying. It also has the heat options, but this option is more like marketing element to the product then it offers any heat. By heating it means that  the water you sip into the bucket will get isolated and keep the temperature instead of it warming it up. So, if you want an item which you can poor cold water and it can make it hot, then this one is not the one you are looking for.

Conclusion about the Conair foot spa with vibrations

Final conclusion of mine is that you are new to foot spa and not sure how often you are willing to use it, then looking by the price and affects, this is a great product to start of. Even if you don’t like it or want something more professional, it is in the $20-$30 price range which makes it amongst the cheapest foot spa massage machines altogether. However, if you are looking for something professional with special type of massages to your feet and multiple heating or bubbling options, then you should look elsewhere.



All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light

all-in-one-foot-bath-machineThis all in one foot spa bath massager is produced by Kendal which is one of the oldest producers in the industry, which means that they had quite a long amount of time to reproduce and improve the product and finally make it perfect. Well there will always be things to be improved but, this is really not an ordinary foot massager machine since it comes with all the features that one can imagine and wish to have.

Design of the product

This model comes in multiple colors and you can by the one that fits your needs depending on the color of the other elements in your house. Colors that I am aware of and have seen so far are gray, blue, pinkish as well as purple. Have in mind that it may also come in other colors which I am not aware of.

It is produced by high quality plastic with anti-aging materials which makes it long lasting and high temperature resisting. Also it is perfectly sized to fit both your feet and to store it anywhere you want.

Functionalities and uses of the all in one foot spa massage machine

all-in-one-foot-spa-functionsAs the name suggests this is all in one type of product and will offer all the functions that other similar separate products have. It has massage future on the bottom of the platform which makes it pleasurable and satisfying. The vibration option is in the middle power range, not like in a Jacuzzi but still one of the most powerful ones in comparison with the other similar products. The bubble function is also great and is producing great oxygen bubbles in the bucket. It also has two unique options that you won’t be able to find in the order products which are the infrared light and the drain hose. The draining is a special future for me since I am not very strong to lift the whole bucked and empty it out, so I can use it without  the need of help from a stronger person.

Benefits from using the All in one foot spa bath massager

I am working a very stressful job which requires walking and standing at least 4 hours a day. Because of this when I get back at home after finishing my work I can be nervous and that can really reflex on my personal life and my connections with my family. After I started using the All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light on a daily basis it helps me relief the stress and anger as well as drastically helps me relax my feet and maybe even the whole body. The sound that the machine provides is not very strong and disturbing, but even so I love to combine it with relaxing music and a nice drink while my feet is inside. My man has large feet which is between 13 and 14 and this feet massager machine fits his foot perfectly. All in all click the button bellow and don’t hesitate to buy it now, because I am sure you will love it!



Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa

orbeez-feet-bath-machineIn order to save you a bunch of time I would start this review by stating right from the beginning that this item is recommended for kids and children up to 15 years old and if you are older and looking for a serious home foot spa to massage and relax your feet after work or training then make sure you avoid this product and look at the other reviews of home foot spa at our website. The main thing of this spa is the orbeez it contains which besides the fact it massages your feet it can also be very entertaining and fun and most of the kids enjoy it!

Our recommendation is to buy this product if you are looking for a foot spa for your children. As the manufacturer recommend age says 5 – 15, kids enjoy this item and they get so entertained while using it. The orbeez come in different colors and they can grow to 100times more then their starting size when stuck into water. Unlike getting bored from the other foot massager machines, your kids will love the Orbeez – Ultimate Soothing Spa and they will stick and massage their feet while playing with the Orbeez. There is also a heating option and built-in strainer options, but for faster growing it is recommended to put already heated water inside the bucket.

orbeez-for-kidsApart from this, the machine comes usually into $25-$35 price range and you can also a shipping free seller which is really, really low compared to the other items in the category.  Bottom line is, this spa is worth the $30 on average while it offers great satisfaction to your children even though the massage is not the most effective one. For the price you also get pack of 2000 free Orbeez which are reusable and you don’t need to spend a dime more. This is also a great Christmas or Birthday gift for your children.

When it comes to design, this item comes in multicolor, colorful editions in order to fit the needs of kids and entertain them to maximum extend. The Orbeez are also colorful and growing and look excellent. The weight of the whole item is just 5.7 pounds while means it can be lifted, moved and stored wherever you want.



Dr. Scholl’s Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa

dr-scholls-foot-wash-toolThe fact that this item is made by Dr. Scholl’s says lots about it’s quality and how useful it is. If you don’t yet know Dr. Scholl’s in medical products can be compared to what Apple in tech or McDonalds in food chains is. They make great and helpful products and have great customer care overall.

When it comes to functionalities this items comes with all the futures that a home foot spa massager machine can have. There is built-in massaging roller, which relaxes your tired feet. There is also a set of five pedicure options which generally makes your feet rest and recover. There is also a bubbling option, which is weak compared to Jacuzzi hot tubes but still noticeable and satisfying. The heating option also is not the strongest one, but as the item manual says it will maintain the hot water you sip in to it’s starting temperature for as long as 30 minutes which is more then enough for the treatment. If you are expecting it to warm the water however, it won’t do it. There is also a removable pumice stone and in general the items is easy to clean and maintain. The downside of this product is that as the manual says “Recommended for her”, the product can feet only feet larger no more then 12 inches, which is a problem when it comes to a lot of males with larger foot. If you are having larger feet and looking for similar product with same functionalities you should check the All in one foot spa bath massager with heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles, red light.

The unit is not noisy at all, but even though I enjoy combining it with relaxing music while my feet are being inside the tube. For a maximum pleasure and effect it is good to combine it with Epsom salts or any kind of useful lotion you have in stock. Dr.Scholl Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa also goes in the low budget category of home foot massager machines, and is a perfect option if you are on a short budget.

In the functionalities paragraph we stated that this product can’t fit foot larger then 12, however there is a good side of it. Compared to it’s competitors this is probably the smallest product and it weight just 4.3 pounds which is great thing if you are short on space. It can also be easily lifted, to drain out the water even if you are girl. The shape of the product is great and it usually comes in purple-white combination of colors.