MediMassager 2014 Model Variable Speed Foot Massage Review


The first thing that comes to my mind while reviewing this item is the strength and the power this MediMassager Foot Massage Machine Model has. I have bought, used and reviewed many items so far, but there is none that come even close to the power of the massage this product can offer. It is a great option for all the people who are resistant to pressure and need high potent and powerful massage done on their feet. However if you have a sensitive feet and are looking for gentle and soft massage you shouldn’t navigate away because this massaging model has 11 levels of speed ranging from 1000 to 3700 rpm. Not the cheapest massager out there, but it is high professional item which is even used in some pedicure and manicure studios as well as by Doctors and Therapists. Basically, if you are doing rubing on a daily basis but can’t be bothered to visit the spa salon on a daily basis or can’t afford it, then this is the greatest ever replacement that you can get.

medimassager-foot-rubber-in-useThis item is CSA certified and uses all the ISO standards for safety use. Great thing about it is that even people with diabetic problems can use it without any problems Actually not only use it, but MediMassager Foot Machine is highly recommended for increased circulation and blood flow for people who are suffering from neuropathy, a disease caused directly from diabetes. Anyway due to the popularity of this item it has been copied by many other companies who are trying to fake the product and sell cheaper but less effective copies. If you decide to buy make sure you buy it directly from MediMassager in order to get the genuine and original product for maximum effectivity. If you buy directly from the original company you also get one year full warranty in case you have any problems with the machine. It fits on all kind of floors so you don’t need to worry at all about where you use this feet massage machine.