Medi-Rub MR 3F 2000 Plus

medirub-foot-massager-2000-plus-modelMajor Feature One: Helps with Poor Circulation

The Foot Massager Machine is ideal for those who are suffering from poor blood circulation and foot pain thanks to neuropathy or diabetes. The product is available in green color, and it effectively gets rid of foot and leg pain. It’s easy to use and provides instant results. Rubber nubile stimulates pressure points of feet covering everything from toes to heels. The rubbing arch bar provides relief against leg fatigue and cramp. The massager is designed for utmost comfort. It has two different speed settings which you can control to change the intensity of foot massage.

Major Feature Two: It Doesn’t Need Much Maintenance

It’s a common problem with massagers that they lose efficiency shortly after their purchase. Medi-Rub doesn’t have this issue. The compact device is ideal for oscillating action. The flat surface powers from a 2-speed commercial motor. It eliminates the tiredness of feet. Select between 3500 high and 2800 low RPM frequency options as you prefer. Speaking of preferences, Medi-Rub comes with a maintenance-free design which works perfectly even without no fabric covering up to wash. The massager is made with thermoplastic enclosure, so don’t worry about taking your shoes off.medi-rub-mr-3f-200-foot-massager-in-use

Other Features:

  • The Foot Massager Machine improves blood circulation in feet and lower portion of legs
  • It Helps to prevent the leg cramps
  • Medi-Rub comes with a 2-speed motor which is prolific against neuropathy and diabetes
  • It also contributes to ease off the aches in heels and toes
  • Distinctive Arch bar aids to strengthen the plantar fascia
  • Works for 30 minutes max because it is made to deliver outstanding results in just an instance
  • It consists of only steel in the inside, so you don’t have to worry about its durability, it will last for the years to come


Customer Review and Score

The Medi Rub Foot Massager Machine has 194 customer reviews on Amazon. The overall rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Such High Rating is very promising. It points out to the fact that this product delivers what it promises. It helps you to put yourself back in the game. According to customer reviews, it helps to shake off feet swelling. It isn’t a miracle if you are looking for that, but it certainly is a good medical investment for your overall health. It helps with intense vibration and improves blood circulation in legs.