FootVIBE Heated Massager

foot-vibe-vibration-massager-previewMajor Feature One: A Reflexology Machine

Reflexology is better known as the application of pressure to hands and feet. The application is based on a system which consists of zones and reflex areas responsible for making a physical change in the body. The vibrations travel through the body and activate in respective areas. FootVIBE massager launches those vibrations which are a result of stress relieve, induction of deep relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, and much more. Apart from that, it’s a lightweight, portable device which is ideally suited for on ground use as a foot massager.  It’s a better option as compared to hand massage.

Major Feature Two: Both Automatic and Manual Options

Coming with a remote control, the Foot Massager Machine features both automatic and manual options. It comes with a high-frequency vibration speed which you can quickly change. The home foot massager comes with eight different infrared heat levels. For such reasons, the different speed and heat settings prove to be a blessing.  It is designed to massage reflex areas at the sole of feet. While it only vibrates, the user can move their feet to enjoy improved results. The footplate is filled with acupressure nodules. Use them to massage your calves, hands and arms as well.


Other Features:

  • Designed according to Body Structure
  • Easy Remote Control
  • Infrared Heat and Vibration Treatments
  • Comes with 12 levels of high-Frequency Vibration
  • This massager features eight infrared Heat Levels
  • Vibration is turned off for infrared treatments
  • The same case is with infrared; these are turned off for wave treatments
  • The FootVibe Foot Massager Machine comes with a built-in Speed Indicator
  • It has three-time set functions
  • Works without creating noise
  • Made with Reflexology Technology
  • 3 Dimensional Vibrating Massage System
  • Both Automated and Manual Settings are available
  • It has auto shut off

Customer Reviews and Score

This Foot Massager Machine holds a total of 109 reviews on Amazon. The overall rating of this product is 4.0 out of 5 stars. The product is praised for helping with foot conditions including foot neuropathy. A lot of users have spoken highly of its easy user interface. It is effective to get rid of tiredness after a long day. It relaxes the feet and makes it easier for you to think about being on your foot all day long. Most of is users highly recommend it.