Review List Of Most Comfortable Massage Tables

Looking for a way to relax? The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) estimates that 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders, stress, and lack of overall wellbeing in their life. In addition to this, the American Academy of Pain medicine estimates that 30% of American adults suffer from chronic pain. Individually, these two issues disrupt a large portion of Americans at some point in their lives. Together, these two issues have a single solution that has been proven to be remarkably effective time and time again.

There is a great deal of research into the benefits of massages. Providing relief from chronic and acute pain, a massage allows tense muscles, tissue, and other parts of the body to relax. People have reported less pain and more movement after entering into a massage schedule. At the same time, massages have been shown to improve emotional wellbeing. Along with decreasing rates of anxiety and allowing people to live in the moment, the reduction in stress leads people to report higher life satisfaction. It is no wonder that the massage industry is a multi billion-dollar industry.

Central to a successful massage is a massage table. The place where a person relaxes and comfortably lays on top of, the massage table provides the support and elevation for the professional to get to work. If you or someone you love likes massages, then getting a table for your own use can save you a lot of money. In addition, if you want to start your own professional massage business, than having a massage table will be crucial to providing the service your clients will expect. Below we include a brief introduction into what massage tables are, 10 leading and unbeaten massage tables you should consider getting, and things you should consider when buying a massage table.

What Is A Massage Table?

Simply put, a massage table is used by professional massage therapists to position a client in order to receive a massage. Typically, they are designed with the comfort of the client as well as the ergonomics of the professional in mind. A massage table will most likely include heavy padding, be movable, be easy to clean, and have a face cradle to aid in breathing when lying down.

Review of 10 Best Massage Portable Tables Worth Considering

Bellow you can find the top 10 massage tables reviewed so you can do your own due-diligence before buying any.

The Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package Review

eartlite-harmony-dx-portable-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

The Earthlite Portable Massage Table brings a solid massage experience that is easy to clean and carry with you. The legs are made out of forest maple and provide a lightweight framework for the table. With black cushioning and an adjustable face cushion, the Earthlite Portable Massage Table resembles a traditional massage table in both form and function. Sleek and professional, the massage table works in countless settings, providing the means for a relaxing and rehabilitating experience.

The Earthlite Portable Massage Table is 33 pounds. It measures in at 73 inches by 30 inches by 33 inches. It comes in black, agate blue, burgundy, and teal. It has been rated for 2400 lb. static load, 450 lb. dynamic load, and recommended for those who weigh up to 600 pounds. Cables that hold the frame together are tested up to 1,000 lbs. Along with being well built, the massage table comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This includes a 3-year warranty for foam and upholstery.

Pros of the Earthlite Portable Massage Table

  • It is loved for being extremely solid, holding a lot of weight without risking a wiggle
  • It ships well when packaged with few complaints
  • It is simple, straightforward, and practical to set up and put back into folded position. This is aided by the unscrew and move leg setting mechanism
  • Includes a head rest that is easily adjustable depending on size
  • Several people enjoyed the professional case that it came in
  • The quality of the woodworking is quite good
  • Price is quite low for the quality the massage table provides
  • Well cushioned

Cons of the Earthlite Portable Massage Table

  • Less expensive models out there if you don’t want the same quality
  • On very rare occasions there may be defective upholstery
  • Leg design leaves some wishing for something more

Our Thoughts…

The first on our list, we present you with a solid choice. Whether you are purchasing for your own home or for your business, the Earthlite Portable Massage Table is not a bad buy. Consider if you want an all around good model that offers little in the way of surprises.


The BestMassage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table Review

best-massage-two-fold-burgundy-massage-tableCost: $XX
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

The BestMassage Portable Massage Table is a quarter of the price of the Earthlite. So, is it a quarter of the quality as well? Incorporating 2” thick padding along with a birch hardwood construction, the table looks quite solid. Coming in black, blue, and red, you have several color choices to choose from depending on the overall look and feel you want. A premium carry case makes it simple to transport your massage table wherever you are going. Striving to incorporate quality despite low price, the BestMassage Portable Massage Table does a pretty decent job and its ratings reflect it.

The BestMassage Portable Massage Table measures in at 39 pounds when shipped. It can support a weight up to 450 lbs., which is below the Earthlite. Its adjustable height is between 26” to 36”. It also has the dimensions of 72” in length and 27” wide. With easy to fold pads, the material covering the pads is waterproof PU leather.

Pros of the BestMassage Portable Massage Table

  • Low cost and that has considerable quality despite being cheap
  • Face cradle included along with carry bag
  • Quick shipping
  • No creeks or cracks sound wise, even when shifting weight

Cons of the BestMassage Portable Massage Table

  • Some complain that the cushioning sinks too quickly
  • On rare occasion defects cause the table to break early
  • May want to consider getting a more expensive table if you do this professionally

Our Thoughts…
The BestMassage Portable Massage Table is among the most inexpensive massage tables we review. It works really well when you want something to pamper your partner on. It is easy to set up and enjoy. However, for those who want something more professional, you may want to consider a more expensive model. All things considered the quality is pretty decent. Barring minor issues with defective pieces, you should consider it for your first massage table.


The Cream 77” Long 30” Wide 4” Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table Review

cream-pad-reiki-portable-massage-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars

The Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table is sold as the massage table set. Along with the basic massage table, you also get a free adjustable headrest, a face pillow and half round bolster, a free hanging arm shelf, and a free deluxe carrying case. Along with beige, the table also comes in black and blue. Making up the primary color of the padding, the rest of the table including mostly the supports are left with a lighter wood finish creating a professional and toned down aesthetic.

The Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table is 77 inches long and 30 inches wide. It includes a total of 4 pads. It is also made using PU leather as its exterior padding material. Its total weight when shipped is 80 pounds. The table has a weight limit of 600 pounds.

Pros of the Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table

  • Feels extremely sturdy
  • Even people who are large and broad can fit on the table comfortably
  • Frequently considered well worth the purchasing price
  • A good inexpensive option for professional use
  • Craftsmanship frequently applauded
  • Easy to assemble

Cons of the Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table

  • The carrying case leaves something to be desired as the handles may not be supportive enough for long term use
  • Deep work done on a clients back can sometimes cause the bed to shift
  • Sometimes damaged during shipping

Our Thoughts…

The Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table does a great job at presenting you with ‘free special features’ as a kind of added bonus when most massage tables will include this automatically. Marketing ploy aside, the Pad Reiki Portable Massage Table is decent for the cost and provides a stable experience that many enjoy. There are a few problems, but the good outweighs the bad.


The Sierra Comfort All Inclusive Portable Massage Table Review

sierra-all-inclusive-portable-massage-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Stars

Similarly priced to the Pad Reiki, the Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table begins advertising itself in the same way. An all-inclusive bundle including the portable table, sheets, and accessories, the Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table comes with a lot of stuff. The table itself is made out of good quality beach timber. Built on top of that is 2.5 inch high-density foam. A removable facial cradle, arm supports, and armrest are oil resistant and easy to clean.

The Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table is 72 inches, by 28 inches, by 33 inches. It has a carrying capacity of 450 lbs. and weighs a total of 41 pounds. Cotton fitted sheets add another level of cleanliness and comfort for clients or friends who you provide massage for. The height of the table can extend between 23 to 33 inches in height.

Pros of the Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

  • Legs and underwire are sturdy
  • Fits both large and small frames pretty well
  • Easy to set up and use

Cons of the Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table

  • Some find the face rest to be a tad bit too uncomfortable for extended use
  • A few people have reported issue with a chemical smell after getting it
  • Picture showed does not include everything as it appears when it arrives

Our Thoughts…
As the last massage table demonstrated, there are issues that arrive when you have a table with this much versatility for so little. If you are willing to see beyond the minor issues, then consider getting this fairly inexpensive massage table.


The Merax Aluminum 3 Section Portable Massage Table Facial SPA Tattoo Bed Red and Black Review

merax-aluminum-portable-massage-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

The Merax Portable Massage Table is the first massage table we are reviewing that comes with 3 independently adjustable sections. When purchasing the table, you get the table itself, the multi adjustable headrest, the front armrest and sling, 2 side arm supports, a face hole plug, and a standard deluxe carrying bag. Designed for a range of body times, the table comes in red and black, black, purple, and white color options. Overall, it looks streamlined and professional.

The Merax Portable Massage Table is 73 inches long and 27 inches wide. It can support weight up to 500 lbs., which is a little higher than many similarly priced tables. 4cm high foam pads help to provide cushioning for anyone lucky enough to find themselves on the table. The Merax Portable Massage Table is 37 pounds.

Pros of the Merax Portable Massage Table

  • Many different color options and arrive quickly
  • Big enough and sturdy enough to get on and get off without a problem
  • Unlike other massage tables at this price, the legs are well built and sturdy

Cons of the Merax Portable Massage Table

  • A select few had issues with the size of the table being too slim
  • A select few had issue with the table being as low to the ground as it was

Our Thoughts…
Providing adjustable sections as a key selling point, the Merax Portable Massage Table does a remarkably good job at providing quality above and beyond its relatively low cost. A different design than other massage tables on the market, this one in particular offers a less expensive option if you want an alternative style.


The Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table – PU Leather High Quality Review

heaven-massage-two-fold-portable-massage-tableCost: $XX
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

The Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table is the highest rated massage table on our list. Coming with a free carry case, adjustable head rest, and removable arm rests, the massage table incorporates a lightweight design with durable materials. A fraction of the cost of the competition, the Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table only really suffers against the competition when it comes to the 450 lb. weight limit.

The massage table can adjust from 26 inches to 26 inches in height. It is 72 inches long and without the face cradle and it is a bit narrow with a 27-inch width. The cushions are made of PU leather and other color options include beige, black, and purple. A 90 day limited warranty is included with the massage table and additional warranties can be purchased to extend this up to 2 years. The table weighs 70 pounds shipped. Without accessories, the table is about 35 pounds.

Pros of the Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table

  • A sturdy and durable massage table that for the cost can be use professionally
  • Padding is quite comfortable
  • Fast shipping

Cons of the Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table

  • Arm extensions are not long enough
  • The massage table is a bit heavy to carry

Our Thoughts…
What puts the Heaven Massage Portable Massage Table above the rest is the incredible quality and versatility you get for less than $60. While you will find a massage table that is better in almost every respect, none provide a decent experience at such a low price.


Therapist’s Choice Massage Table Fleece Pad Set, 2 PC Set Review

therapists-choice-massage-tableCost: $XX
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 Stars

The only non-massage table we are reviewing, the Therapist’s Choice Fleece Pad Set is instead representative of an entire industry that caters towards those who already have their massage tables. As a result, you should consider products like pad sets carefully to make sure they both meet your expectations and your price point. The Therapist’s Choice Fleece Pad Set is a 2-piece set designed to go over your table and provide a more comfortable surface to lie on. Extending the life of your table, the fleece pad set can be replaced and cleaned separately, allowing for quicker turnover with less clean up in between. Elastic corners are designed to help hold it in place. The total weight is about 2 pounds.

Pros of the Therapist’s Choice Fleece Pad Set

  • Great way to help handle changes in temperature
  • Keeps the client comfortable
  • Elastic straps make fitting quick and easy
  • Holds up well in the wash

Cons of the Therapist’s Choice Fleece Pad Set

  • Those expecting plush will be disappointed
  • Not as thick as some will want
  • Some consider it too flimsy

Our Thoughts…
A great idea, the Therapist’s Choice Fleece Pad Set is among the better covers out there. Incorporating a number of design elements that you should not take for granted, the pad set is well worth the cost if you are willing to overlook some of the minor issues people have with it.


Master Massage 30” Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table Package, Sand Color, Luxurious with 3” Thick Cushion of Foam Review

master-massage-portable-massage-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

The Master Massage Portable Table is among the more expensive massage tables we will review. Two or three times more expensive than the competition, you would expect that it be worth the price. For the most part, it manages to live up to that expectation and provide far more versatility than the majority of massage tables reviewed here. Available in cream and brown, the Master Massage Portable Table incudes 3-inch cushions that are oil and water proof. Beech wood makes up the wooden support and the look of the massage table is professional and classy.

What is striking about the Master Massage Portable Table is that it only weighs 33 pounds for the table. This is more than 10 pounds below the competition and a great reason to pick this massage table up. For professionals who carry their table around with them everywhere, having something lighter like this can make life easier. The 30 inch wide and 72 inch long table is bigger than most other tables and will provide up to 650 pounds of support, making it one of the most durable we review. Aircraft grade steel and carrying case go to show just how amazing a massage table can be when more money can be spent on materials.

Pros of the Master Massage Portable Table

  • Fully adjustable face cradle is a bonus
  • Foam memory lets every client have a unique experience
  • The storage for carry is incredible and many people are impressed
  • Great for deep tissue
  • Arrives quicker than expected with decent assembly instructions
  • Great for those who suffer from back problems who need additional padding and support

Cons of the Master Massage Portable Table

  • A few people had issue with defective parts including cables
  • A few people report it being heavier than what is advertised

Our Thoughts…

While more expensive, you get a lot of versatility and stability with the Master Massage Portable Table. If you are more serious about giving and receiving massages and you need to carry the table around with you, then this massage table should be at the top of your list.


Ironman 30-Inch Astoria Massage Table with Heating Pad and Carry Bag Review

ironman-30-inch-astoria-massage-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

The Ironman Fitness Massage Table looks to provide a greater quality experience at a cost that is far below what you find similar massage tables at. The end result is a decent massage table that interesting with its design, may have over stepped its ability with the price they are requesting. First, there is the stability control that helps to lock various parts of the massage table in place to stop wobbling. PVC leather upholstery with 2 inches of foam makes up the majority of the table. Unique to the Ironman Fitness Massage Table on our list is that the table includes 5 temperature settings.

At 72 inches in length and 31.5 inches wide, it is among the largest massage tables we’ve reviewed. Weighing in at 34 pounds, it is also among the lighter tables that will find their way onto this list.

Pros of the Ironman Fitness Massage Table

  • Sturdy with a decent design
  • Temperature settings are a nice addition
  • Stiff table capable of holding a pretty heavy dynamic load

Cons of the Ironman Fitness Massage Table

  • The head rest was a big disappointment for some as it would snap off after some use

Our Thoughts…
Along with being the only heated table we review, it is also among the lowest rated table on our list. It has stayed on our list because the low ratings have almost entirely to do with the poor headrest. If you can look beyond that, then you will have a decent massage table that provides a lot of options.


Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest – Cream Review

saloniture-professional-portable-massage-tableCost: $XXX
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 Stars

The Saloniture Portable Massage Table is specifically marketed for professional use. It comes in cream, black, and burgundy. A sturdy hardwood frame helps keep up 2.5 inch density foam cushioning. A detachable headrest, sling, and armrest help to add versatility. Easy to transport, the massage table takes into consideration the professional who will have to lug it with them. However, the reality of the table is that for many, it does not live up to the hype or the overall positive ratings. In the end, the Saloniture Portable Massage Table may be a good example of a massage table that receives more support than it deserves.

The Saloniture Portable Massage Table weighs in at 42.9 pounds shipped and just over 30 ponds with the table alone. The adjustable height of the table is from 24.5 to 35.5 inches. It can support up to 450 pounds worth of weight. Adjustable multi-section support allows for optimal fitting for client size. The PU leather covering stops stains and spills from ruining the underlying material.

Pros of the Saloniture Portable Massage Table

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • A good option for less intense massages

Cons of the Saloniture Portable Massage Table

  • Some have had issue with the wooden legs snapping with larger clients getting on and off the table
  • Screws do not have a lot of connection
  • Lower back pains during use for clients
  • Bag it comes with is flimsy

Our Thoughts…
As we stated in our introduction, the Saloniture Portable Massage Table has left many people unsatisfied with their experience over issues that seem pretty big. If you want to give this massage table a try, then consider only using it with people less than 250 pounds in weight and for massages that are less intense. In addition, the table can be great for non-massage uses like eyelash extension. With that in mind, it may still be worth considering.


Finding a Good Massage Table

When most people think of a massage therapist, they don’t consider the fact that many therapists use a wide variety of tools to assist them in the therapeutic process. Some use heating pads, warm towels, hot rocks, lotions, and the like, all of which can assist in the therapy that they are providing.

While all of these can be beneficial, the most important expenditure that any massage therapist will spend their money on is the massage table that they purchase. This is absolutely essential because the massage table is the area where the client needs to be able to relax so that they can get the proper massage, while still giving the therapist great access to be able to work on the client with ease and efficiency.

The Different Types of Massage Tables

Several different factors go into buying a massage table. They include such things as portability versus stationary, type of massage given, and accessories that come along with the table. This is why choosing the right kind of table can really be beneficial in improving a person’s business.

Stationary vs. Portable

If you are a massage therapist who has an office, and people always come to you for treatment, then the stationary is the proper choice for you. While you may think it makes sense to get a portable one that you can take with you just in case, the truth remains that the stationary works better because of the additional accessories and benefits that come from having a table that is always in one place.

The portable is obviously essential for someone who is intending to do massages at people’s homes, malls, or other locations which cause them to be mobile. There are several different options out there that are fantastic and provide portability.

In terms of types of table, regardless of whether we are talking about stationary or portable, there are really just a few different kinds of tables.

The first of these is the flat table. A flat table allows a person to lay flat on their back or stomach, where the body is always perpendicular to the ground. This has it so that the therapist is either always straddled or on top of the client providing the massage. It limits the types of techniques that can be used but gives the therapist a greater amount of force to apply to needed areas.

Lifting Back Rest is the second kind of table, which allows you to lift up the top part of the table so that the upper body can be inclined. This provides several other options in terms of being able to treat a patient, allowing you to work areas in a different method.

Ergonomic is the last kind of table. What this means is that it gives the therapist the ability to change positions of the client by lifting or lowering specific portions of the table that not only make it easier for the therapist to reach certain areas but also limit the possibility that the therapist can be injured through overuse of certain muscles of their own.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Massage Table

Need additional assistance in selecting the right massage table for your needs? Below we review 5 different criteria you can use to narrow down your search and find a massage table reviews and products well worth your money.

The Size Of The Massage Table

One of the most important things to consider when buying a massage table is the overall size. The most popular width for a massage table ranges from 28 inches to 30 inches. Most lengths will be more than enough for people. The reason why width is so important to consider is that the wider the table, the less capable the therapist will be at reaching necessary parts of the back. While width means being able to help wider individuals, it also means a potentially lower quality of massage. Consider your clientele, your partner, or you when determining width size.

The Weight Of The Massage Table

As you can tell from the portable massage tables reviewed above, weight is kept pretty low. At around 30 to 40 lbs., a massage table will be transportable and solid as well. While you can get massage tables that are far lighter, you begin risking a table that will creek and shift under the pressure you are applying. Worse yet is the table not feeling stable to the client. If you want lightweight and strong, then consider something that is made from aluminum. Know that this will cause the price to increase. If you have a wonderful massage table that you cannot live without but it weighs a lot, then consider getting a lifter specifically for it. If you plan to only use it in your house, then heavier models will provide a wider selection at less costly prices.

The Adjustable Height Of The Massage Table

How tall are you? For the majority of people on this planet, we fall between 1 and 2 meters in height. Providing an excellent massage is all about being the right distance from the client. Simply put, you will need a massage table that can adjust to your height if you want to give the best possible massage. The most popular forms of changing height include either a twist nob or a telescopic design. If you are testing a model before buying, know that the total time for adjusting the height of the table should not be more than 2 to 3 minutes.

Materials The Massage Table Are Made Out Of

PU leather or real leather? Aluminum or wood? 4 inch or 2 inch foam thickness? All of these have to do with comfort and stability for the massage table. Each material consideration influences the overall cost and should be considered by you carefully.


understand the static, dynamic, and maximum safe load for a table. In addition, know what the load for the cables below are as well. Most tables can support around 450-600 lbs. of weight. If you get a table that supports less than 300 lbs., then consider alternatives.

Final Conclusion

More often than not, massage tables you find for sale will be well priced, well constructed, and offer a range of features that will help you give or receive a fantastic massage. Consider the options listed above as well as the brief guide on what to look for. With any luck, a few hours of research will lead to you finding the perfect massage table for your needs. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Question About Massage Tables

How and what to clean your massage table with?

-In order to refresh your table from daily use, you can simply use soap water and rinse the leather. If it requires detailed disinfection than a soft chemical cleaner like Simple Green can be used.

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What weight can massage table hold?

-It depends on the model, you should check the instruction which comes with the table when you bought the product.

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